Amman Dab

By your hands, we put a piece of Ammon’s soul. A piece that shall take us through history to Amman’s mighty hills. Amman, the city of Mountains and water, the city of wheat and limitless love.
The hill of Seeran in AlJubaiha, and it is known that the old people od AlBalqaa’ sang: “ From AlJubaiha we came, where life is settled, and everyone can get water.” In the current location of the faculty of engineering, the Archaeologists found a flask which they named after the hill’s name; the Flask of Seeran. 
The wheat and barley, the contents of the flask, are a message of work and agriculture, of history and civilization, of the deep bound between the people and land. 
The inscriptions of the flask are the message of the Jordanian kings of Ammon for the people: Live in prosperity and plant, our towers will surround Ammon and guard it, as we guard it in our hearts. “It’s our paradise, let the happiness be upon us, may we live in joy; for many days and years.” That what they scripted for us on that flask. 
For he who has no past does not have a present, we the members of “Amman Dab” initiative are sincerely putting effort to document the heritage of Amman through our products that are inspired by Amman’s ancient civilizations, by Amman, the city which its name Remained since the Iron Age, since it was Ammon, since the citadel of Amman kept itself awake guarding its mountains, and the people were planting, and the young ladies at the torrent of Amman in the morning, greeting the birds that are looking for their bread. “Oh beloved Amman, good morning. The city of henna, titivating in henna. Oh Amman, the city smelling lavender, and the breeze from heavens.”


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