computer and information systems managers

computer and information systems managers

  computer and information systems managers, responsible for managing and protecting information systems security, developing applications and designing widely used software from individuals, organizations and companies, The function of the Management Information Systems Manager contains the responsibilities and functions of (determining the budget and costs of the Information Technology Section based on the timetable of the Section's plans, objectives and projects to be implemented) and can recruit and train information technology professionals, such as network engineers and information technology analysts, and technicians to serve as members of the Information Technology Section. 

Career Graduation Computer and Information Systems Managers

The functional grades are as follows:

Responsible Manager

  • Supervision and follow-up: The Information Systems Manager is responsible for supervising and following up on a team of members with less experience and competence.
  • Head of Department: Increased opportunities to upgrade the Information Systems Manager to a higher functional level, if he can prove his competence in his field of specialization.

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 computer and information systems managers skills

computer and information systems managers has sufficient experience to work efficiently in this field and strengthen his skills through his attendance at workshops and seminars related to that field, while he has experience in management of business and adequate knowledge of all administrative works, and he has a passion for this field, office work and the ability to take responsibility, and he has the skill to solve problems and know enough about some science that belongs to that field, such as mathematics, engineering and science.


  computer and information systems managers similar jobs

  • Entrepreneur :Entrepreneurship is the creation of a business that is developed, managed, organized and confronted with the risks facing this project, such as underfunding, economic crisis or any problem that the enterprise can initially face,Therefore, it is essential to have someone who has the ability to implement this to ensure the success of this activity.
  • nuclear engineer: It improves radiation mechanisms and systems, nuclear power and use processes, and the nuclear engineer uses this energy in various fields, such as industry, medicine, vehicles and the spaceship.
  • logistics manager :This job oversees the work of warehouses, transportation and customer services, The manager monitors the warehousing and shipping departments, to ensure the highest level of supply efficiency in the enterprise, helping to meet all customer students and provide the required products with the best quality on time.

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Computer and Information System Managers' Salary

The occupation salary of the  computer and information systems managers varies from other countries where Egypt has about 3,870 as a minimum and 12,300 as a higher limit. This is attributable to the questionnaire in which thousands of professionals and employees participated in the average salary, which means that employees in Egypt earn less than 7,360.

Computer and Information Systems Managers Job Description

It provides a complete information system where it helps to quickly save and retrieve information and provide the necessary data for management to follow up work and make decisions where we work to raise the basic efficiency of the system

Graduate Title of  Computer and Information Systems Managers

It is called an information systems engineer in enterprises and companies, and their skills in the field of technology and may also be called a systems analyst, systems developer or information systems manager depending on the nature of their work and it is called for a number of reasons

  • This specialization is not recognized as an engineering specialty in some countries such as the Engineers' Union in Egypt or the Saudi Authority
  • The curriculum differs from the traditional curriculum of engineering as it integrates business skills with information technology but is interested in engineering in its approach to applying science and mathematics to solve problems
  • The nature of the work of engineers is different from the management information systems where the work of engineers is the design and operation of mechanical or electrical systems

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Factors determining the title of computer and information systems graduate

He finds factors on which the title (engineer) of the management information systems graduate depends and they are not much, including

  1. Country: Where laws and rules vary from country to country, there are countries they call them engineers and other countries not.
  2. Foundation: The rules vary from one foundation to another as there is a foundation that they call them engineers and other institutions.
  3. Nature of work: The title of "engineer" is called those working in specific fields such as software engineering or data engineering.

Bachelor's  computer and information systems managers

It is an academic program that incorporates and combines management principles and information techniques

 prepare a student

Its objective is to prepare a student who understands the business needs of a technical concept, design and development of information systems and teaches students to communicate effectively with organizers and manage information systems and the diversity of study materials in that academic program where they include

  1. Management principles: such as strategic management, project management and organizational behavior.
  2. Information technologies: such as programming, databases, computer networks, and information security.
  3. Management information systems: such as systems analysis, system design, systems development and information systems management.
  4. Communication skills: such as technical writing, presentations, intercultural communication.


At the end of the article, we may have talked about all computer and information systems managers as our article included several points to be a good way to answer any questions that included managers of computers and information systems for career graduation and its function and the skills of managers of computer and information systems

Similar functions and all the information related to this article, and we may be talking about the function

as it is an indispensable function in institutions and companies, since the function of the Director of Computer and Information Systems is not limited to a single task with many tasks, the most famous of which is to save information and ensure its recovery at the time it is needed.

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